What We Believe

Kew Park delivers an authentic Montessori programme. Montessori education is a method of teaching based on the research and practice of Dr. Maria Montessori. It is a student-centred, individualized approach that helps children reach their full potential and encourages them to ask questions, explore, investigate and think for themselves as they acquire skills.  The Montessori environment here at Kew Park provides a calm, creative, and challenging environment that responds to each child’s individual needs and inherent love of learning. 

We are very proud of the extensive and enriched curriculum that we offer our students, but we are most proud of the nurturing, inspiring and empowering culture of our school.

The values that form the foundation of our school make Kew Park such a special place for students, staff and parents. Three main values that underlie our programme are respect, responsibility and resourcefulness.  We value and nurture these qualities in ourselves and in the children.  mentors kew park montessoriWe believe in teaching the children to respect themselves, each other and their environment.  We encourage them to be responsible and to be effective problem-solvers.

At Kew Park, we value the unique qualities of every individual. This atmosphere of respect encourages confidence and independence in all our students and develops an early foundation of skills and attitudes for later learning.

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We are very proud of the community atmosphere within the school.  Older children are encouraged to mentor younger children.  This begins with the three-year mixed age groupings in our classrooms and is encouraged through many school initiatives, such as Reading Buddies and morning greeting routines.

Our partnership with parents is very important to us and we believe it is a key factor in the success of the children’s experience here at Kew Park.  Our goal is to work together to establish consistency between home and school.  Communication is essential and we make every effort to provide an open dialogue between home and the school.  We welcome parent volunteers on school trips, for reading support and to share their unique experiences and interests with the children in the classrooms. Our parents benefit from regular parent education workshops at our school as well.

food kew park montessoriHere at Kew Park, we recognize the importance of fueling the body to enhance learning and we endeavor to create an awareness of healthy eating. We make every effort to encourage parents to do the same. We provide quality snacks and lunches, some of which the children prepare during regular food prep classes.

The care of our environment both in the school, and the greater world are strongly emphasized. Our students all have responsibilities for care of their classrooms, from our youngest to our senior students. Recycling, plant care, polishing, dusting, organizing materials are just some of the ways we believe our students develop responsibility and ownership of their environment. Outdoor cleanups, gardening and fundraising drives are also part of our goal to develop environmental awareness in our community.

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