What Makes Us Unique

We believe in providing children with a wealth of experiences in order to develop life skills. We offer our students many outings, special events and opportunities to meet interesting visitors. The children visit museums, galleries, horticultural gardens, historical sites and many other exciting places. Upper elementary students participate in a yearly camping trip in the fall and take a bigger overnight trip every other spring to places such as Ottawa and Quebec City.

Kew Park is also a part of the Independent School Athletic Association with other private and Montessori schools across the Greater Toronto Area. As a result, the elementary students participate in various meets throughout the school year, including a cross-country meet in the fall and a track and field meet every spring.

Kew Park Montessori Day School offers numerous extracurricular clubs to both casa and elementary students, after school and during recess, starting in 2nd year casa through to grade six, for an additional fee. They include a wide range of extracurricular activities such as: martial arts, yoga, running, track and field, French, drama, crafts, gardening, cooking and games. There is a club to suit every child’s interest and added convenience for parents since these on-site opportunities happen during and after the school day.


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Our weekly whole-school assembly brings the children together for discussions, celebrations, to share accomplishments and to sing songs. Several annual school events that involve all the children from casa through elementary further develop a sense of community, including our annual turkey luncheon, book fair, play day, concerts and productions.

Within our school environment there is a tremendous sense of togetherness and community responsibility. This same sense of partnership extends to the greater community. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility as a school to provide our students with opportunities to help them grow into socially responsible individuals. There are regular opportunities for students to get involved in meaningful ways in both the school and greater community through fundraising initiatives, neighbourhood clean-ups and community projects. Our upper elementary students also maintain a unique inter-generational relationship with seniors from a local nursing home. We are proud to see our students helping others and extending their responsible attitudes outside of our school and frequently receive praise about the respectful behaviour of our students when they are on outings.