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Kew Park Montessori Day School offers a rich learning experience for your child. Our academic programme is enhanced by many other subjects such as French, physical education, music, visual arts and dramatic arts.


French is taught using the Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM). This method comprises music, drama and gesture as effective vehicles for learning a new language. The children greatly enjoy this method of learning and show increased confidence in their ability as a result.

Casa students are introduced to French through songs, gestures and stories. Elementary students continue from this foundation with increased opportunities to develop fluency through learning and performing plays and by completing written work.

Physical Education

Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and health and the factors that contribute to them. During physical education units, students develop locomotion and traveling skills, manipulation skills and stability skills as they participate in sports, games, dance and gymnastics. Our curriculum emphasizes fun, fitness, skill development, safety and confidence.

As part of the Independent Schools Athletic Association, elementary children have opportunities to compete against other schools in track and field events and cross-country running.


At Kew Park we enhance the students’ academic experience with a fun and challenging music curriculum that develops a knowledge and awareness of musical elements.

Casa students experience music through songs, games, dance and instruments. Their listening skills are developed while having fun with classmates in small group settings.

Our elementary students continue to refine their skills with their increased use of Orff instruments, learning notation and exploring the world of music. In addition to regular music classes, students have the option of participating in extracurricular Choir and Orff clubs. During performances throughout the year, students have the opportunity to share their musical skills and knowledge.

Visual Arts

At Kew Park, art is integrated into many aspects of our curriculum at both casa and elementary levels. The casa children develop basic skills through daily exercises in the classroom, such as cutting, colour-mixing, and textured rubbings. Elementary children participate in weekly classes where they develop an understanding of concepts, application of elements and techniques and explore various artists.

Dramatic Arts

Elementary students participate in performing arts instruction once a week during the final term of the school year. Through games, improvisations and plays, the children develop their confidence and performance skills and techniques that culminate into an exciting production at the end of the year.