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Admission Procedure

1. The process of admission often begins with a telephone inquiry to the administrator. At that time we are happy to answer any questions. We will offer to send an information package, which contains information about the school, about the school’s programmes, about Montessori education, a Fee and Tuition Schedule and an Application Form .

2. An appointment to observe in the classroom is the next step and can be made through the administrator. These observations are scheduled for approximately twenty minutes. The opportunity to actually sit in a classroom and observe children at work offers a wonderful experience of school life. Parents can judge whether this environment is suitable for their child and will meet their goals for their child’s education experience. They will see for themselves Montessori education in action.

3. An interview with the principal takes place after the observation. This interview provides parents with further information about the programme and it enables the principal to gain more information about the family and the child. Together, parents and principal can determine if their values and goals complement each other.

4. When the decision to apply is made, parents fill out an Application Form and send it to the school together with a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and an application fee of $100. This fee is non-refundable. It is a one-time fee, per family, and is not required for re-enrollment, for the new admission of younger siblings, or for a casa child’s application to the elementary programme.

5. The deadline for new application enrollment is February 28 preceding the September of the school year for which application is made. Applications received after this date will be considered after the first round of admissions has been placed.

6. A child applying for the elementary programme will be asked to visit in a classroom for several hours. This gives the child an opportunity to experience the Montessori environment at this more advanced level and it enables the teacher to make an informal assessment of the child’s independence and self-motivation and general readiness for the environment.

7. Parents of students already enrolled must make their decision to re-enroll by mid-January for casa students, and by the end of January for elementary students. If they apply to re-enroll after this date, they lose the advantage of first priority, will have to pay the $100 application fee, and will be considered along with new admissions. After the deadline for re-enrollment, the school assesses the places available and makes offers of admission to suitable applicants. Applicants will know by mid-March, if not before, if they have been accepted.

8. When the school makes an offer of acceptance, parents have two weeks to respond. Two copies of the enrollment and tuition contract are sent to the parents. The parents sign these contracts and return them to the school together with a non-refundable tuition deposit of $800 and post-dated cheques according to the payment plan selected. A child will not be considered to be enrolled in the school unless the contract, tuition deposit, and post-dated cheques have been received.

9. The school returns a signed copy of the contract to the parents.

10. If the school cannot place the child, parents may choose to keep their application on a waiting list, in the hope that a space will open up.