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Admission Policy

1. Kew Park Montessori Day School is a co-educational, non-denominational school. The school does not discriminate according to gender, race, colour, heritage, ethnic origin, or religion.

2. Returning students (children already enrolled in our elementary and casa programme) have priority for admission. After re-enrollments are received, the remaining places are divided according to casa year or elementary grade levels available. This means that we do select according to age, since we have a three-year age grouping in both casa and elementary classrooms and try to maintain an even balance between the age groups. An ideal balance would consist of an even number of children at each grade level, for example.

3. From new applications, children are admitted on the basis of several priorities:

  • Siblings of children already enrolled in our programmes have priority for admission.

  • Children from our casa programmes have first priority for admission to the elementary programme, then children from other Montessori programmes, and then children from non-Montessori programmes.

  • Applications are then selected on a first come, first serve basis; this means that the sooner an application is received the better the chance of admission. Re-enrollment applications received after the due dates will be considered along with new admissions. New admissions received after the due date will be considered after the first round of admissions have been placed.

  • For admission to our first year pre-school or casa, children must turn three in the calendar year that they begin. For admission to grade one, children must turn six in the calendar year for which they are applying (e.g. six by December 31).

  • We admit children with learning differences, but with a limit of one or two children per class and taking into consideration the teacher’s experience, the class configuration, and the nature of the child’s learning differences.

4. After admission, we do reserve the right to ask for the student’s withdrawal if the student is unable to thrive in the Montessori environment, if the student’s behaviour represents a danger to other children, or if parents are unable to pay the tuition.