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As parents, what we like most about Kew Park Montessori Day School is the open, honest and frequent communication between us, the administration, and the teachers. There is a culture at Kew Park where the school, the parents and the children are part of one big team. This fosters a positive and healthy environment and our children are learning so much. But more important than any of that is our two girls look forward to school every day!

Rob Pyke & Jen Tripp

Our daughter likes to come to school at Kew Park Montessori. As an only child, she engages with not only her peers but also mentors the younger kids and enjoys her mentoring friendships she has developed with the older elementary kids. She enjoys all the activities, lessons, learning, responsibilities she is given and community awareness that she is exposed to.

Sheila Sarman

We couldn’t ask for more in terms of the quality of education, the caring attitudes of staff and the joyful relationships with peers that our son has experienced at Kew Park.

Alison Bury

We see the direct impact of the school’s stimulating and encouraging environment, as our daughter’s growth and development greet us every day when we pick her up from school. We trust the educators implicitly. They are consistently available and responsive and they know every single child by name. As our daughter’s educational, psychological and emotional needs are attended to, parents are also invited to be a part of their direct learning experiences. We feel fortunate to belong to the Kew Park Montessori Day School community.

Debbie Berlin-Romalis

We set out with the intention of having (our daughter) stay in the Montessori program until grade one. We were so pleased with her experience in the Casa program at Kew Park that we decided to have her enter the elementary program there as well. The balanced emphasis on academic, social and cultural aspects of learning is true to the Montessori method and been so beneficial to (her). We find that the teachers demonstrate a genuine appreciation for (our daughter) that is reflected in her growing confidence. She is excited about new lessons and progressing with her learning, and she treasures the friendships and relationships she has developed at Kew.

Laura D’Andrea