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Our Students

We are very proud of the community atmosphere within the school. Older children are encouraged to mentor younger children. This is facilitated by our mixed-age classrooms and through school initiatives such as Reading Buddies. Our whole-school assembly brings the children together for discussions, celebrations, to share accomplishments and to sing songs. Several annual school events that involve all of the children from casa through to elementary further develop a sense of community.

This same sense of partnership extends to the greater community. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility as a school to provide our students with opportunities to help them grow into socially responsible individuals. There are regular opportunities for students to get involved in meaningful ways in both the school and greater community.

The upper elementary students maintain a unique inter-generational relationship with seniors from a local nursing home. Other opportunities include various fundraising initiatives, neighbourhood clean-ups, and community projects. As a school we are also committed to reducing our environmental impact and changing practices to reflect these values. It is a point of great pride that we share these values with our students.
In these ways the students develop a strong bond with their community.

Within our school environment there is a tremendous sense of togetherness and community responsibility. We are proud to see our students extending these attitudes outside of our school.